Painting in Holland Can Update a Home’s Appearance

When home design trends change, a home that once looked fresh and modern can quickly look dated. Homeowners that enjoy being in style can quickly rejuvenate their home with a fresh coat of paint and strategic wood refinishing. They can review home decor magazines and watch televisions shows on home design to help them decide what they want for their new color scheme. Then they can hire a professional Painting in Holland company to carry out their plan.

Professional painters know what kinds of paint go best on different surfaces. Older homes with plaster walls have to be painted differently than newer homes with drywall. If a homeowner wants to cover a bright red lacquer wall with a neutral beige color, the painter will have to prepare the wall with a special primer. He will also know the best way to apply the paint. Some Painting in Holland jobs require brushes, while others do better with rollers.

Homeowners often ask for specialty painting techniques. Faux finishes that look like marble or plaster are very popular in homes with Italian decor. Antique or distressed finishes are popular with homeowners who love the Shabby Chic look. In addition to walls, painters also paint furniture such as wood bureaus or end tables. It’s very attractive when the furniture paint coordinates perfectly with the home’s wall color.

Kitchen cabinets are often a focal point in today’s homes. Because of the popularity of open concept plans, they can be seen from many vantage points on the first floor. When the homeowner changes the color scheme of the walls, the cabinets may no longer go with it. If the cabinet style is still in fashion, the homeowner can simply have them refinished. Painting in Holland companies also refinish cabinets so it is convenient to repaint and refinish at the same time.

The homeowner will enjoy watching the transformation of their home. They will be amazed at what a difference new paint colors and wood finishes can make. For a fraction of a cost of replacing cabinets or furniture, they can transform their home. It will be a place that they are proud to entertain in.

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