The Process of Creating Dental Bridges in Chicago, IL

Your dentist may suggest a dental bridge if you have one or more missing teeth. The bridge is a prosthetic that is composed of false tooth. It is crowns that are placed together on either side of the missing tooth. The bridge will take the place of the gap. The dentist provides a multi-step process for Dental Bridges in Chicago IL.


The dental bridge will be anchored to the existing teeth. It doesn’t matter which side of the gap it’s placed on. Preparation needs to be done before the dentist can fully perform the procedure. He or she will look at the teeth that are near the gap. There may need to be re-sizing done of the teeth in the area so that the crowns (the bridge) will fit properly.

Impressions of The Teeth

An impression is made using dental putty or through a digital technique. The impression is used to fabricate and design your dental bridge. This process is done by trained ceramists in a dental laboratory.

Placement of a Temporary Bridge

The dentist. Dr. Legator Saul Legator DDS, will put a temporary dental bridge in place while the permanent one is being made. The temporary bridge is going to act as the permanent prosthetic until you receive it. It’s important to get the temporary bridge because it will help keep the teeth safe that just got re-sized. It’s important to prevent damage and decay to those surrounding teeth.

When You Receive Your Permanent Dental Bridge

Once your permanent bridge comes in, your dentist will call you into the office for a one time visit. They will remove the temporary prosthetic and securely anchor the permanent bridge. There will be dental cement used to ensure the bridge is in place and will be secured to the gum tissue. This will prevent any bacteria from entering.

Anyone who is missing teeth is a good candidate for dental bridges. For a more thorough evaluation, one can be done by your dentist to see if you qualify for Dental Bridges in Chicago IL. Since there is no surgery involved with this procedure, it’s a safer and a better choice for many patients.

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