Modest Islamic Clothing Can be Elegant

In the Western mind, Arabic clothing is often perceived as without shape or elegance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Muslin women wear some of the most elegant, yet modest clothing available on the market.

Being Muslin does not mean it is necessary to avoid color, flair or taste. A quality Muslim clothing store will offer opportunities for choice. From modern side-cut jihabs by Route 01 for public and family occasions to traditional but stylish abayas, Muslim women find it possible to locate clothing that caters to their culture and still provides flare.

Designer Wear

It may seem a difficult concept to accept, but Muslim clothing for women can be designer as well as readymade. Several different major designers make their creations available online and in stores. Among the many are such top designers as:

1. Route 01
2. Rayannes Design
3. Urban Studio
4. Versastyle
5. Aesthetique Collection
6. Sophia Collection
7. Diamond Collection

Stylish and Sensational

It is possible to look both sensational and modest. A beautifully designed linen abaya in modest grey or embroidered with sequins fulfills this need. So, too can a brilliant purple Muslim skirt topped by a sedate grey blouse and worn with a hoodie jilhab. These are all examples of stylish modest and Islamic clothing. They all have flair. From plain to colorful, from classic lines for daily wear to a flared formal dress, all are examples of stylish clothing for Muslim women.

Where Modesty and Style Meet

The needs of Muslim women are for modest fashion. The desire is to look modern and fashionable. However, the need to be modest must prevail. A Muslim woman must cover herself from neck to ankle. Muslim designers are finding a way to accomplish this while providing women with the style they need.

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