Mobile Medical Vehicles Should Be Part of Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

When disaster strikes, medical emergencies are usually part of the parcel. Without electricity, running water, or accessible ground transportation, it can be nearly impossible for people to reach a medical clinic. This is why mobile medical vehicles should be part of your preparedness plan.


It is important to have mobile clinics available in an emergency because they can bring medical services directly to the disaster area. Mobile medical vehicles may be some of the first outside contact that comes to the community after police, fire, or other essential services. People who need medical treatment but don’t require a hospital can be treated easily from a mobile clinic.

Doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners can be mobilized quickly to assist communities in need. They can help to provide basic first aid, help people to receive their important prescription medications that may have been lost in the disaster, and most importantly, provide comfort to the community at large. Counselling services can also be offered as part of a mobile clinic so that emotional healing can begin right away.


Having fully stocked mobile medical vehicles means that your community will be prepared for potential disasters. While no one likes to think that anything bad can happen in their neighborhood, it is always best to be ready for the worst. Severe weather can cause natural disasters almost anywhere due to fire, flooding, tornados, avalanches, mud slides, and more. Man-made disasters like train derailments and car crashes can also harm a community. Being able to be on the scene quickly means that injured people can be treated as soon as possible. If a first responder becomes injured while helping, they can also be treated at the mobile medical vehicles without having to leave the site of the disaster.

With mobile medical vehicles on hand, your community will also be able to respond to disasters in nearby communities. Knowing that you are ready to handle disaster relief can bring a sense of security to the community at large.

It’s smart to be prepared for both small and large scale disasters. Mobile medical vehicles can and should be considered to be an integral part of being prepared for local emergencies.

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