The Benefits of Using Augers in Oregon for Earth Removal

One of the most back breaking parts of any construction job is removing earth to make room for the project that you are trying to complete. If you need to run piping or any other small item under ground, you can make clearing the way easy by choosing to use Augers Oregon to help you remove the dirt. While a shovel can be effective, it can be extremely physically demanding and take a long time to complete. Make your small earth moving jobs easy and hassle free by using an auger to help you get the job done.

The following are the top three benefits to using an auger when you have earth that needs to be moved quickly and easily. Fewer Parts to BreakWhile some machines use a great deal of moving parts in order to move earth, an auger uses one bit that is rotated via a gasoline powered engine. This means you have less parts that are apt to break and need to be replaced. Don’t let your earth moving equipment cause you extra work in maintenance and extra money in service feeds. Let an auger make clearing the way as easy as possible. Customized DepthYou may be trying to dig a hole to a certain depth for a construction project. Not going far enough can stall the entire plan, and going to deep can cost extra money in supplies to help compensate for your mistake. Augers Oregon allow you to drill to the exact depth necessary with precision, so you can finish your project right the first time, and not cause someone else extra work.

Easy to ControlWhen you are moving earth, it can be hard to control the equipment. An auger requires the use of two hands during operation, but doesn’t have scary kickback that can cause you injury and harm. Make sure your project is easy on your wallet and your back by choosing to use an easy to control auger for your next earth moving job.If you need help deciding what style of auger you can benefit from most, make sure you contact the experts at Leon James Construction Company. They have a wide array of new and used equipment that can make finishing your projects as easy and stress free as possible. Contact them today to learn more, and take the first step in saving your wallet and your physical state.

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