Advantages of the Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Health Care

The rehab environment is vitally important to the success of the addict who is seeking help. Each situation is unique, and each individual coming to a rehab program has specific needs. The type of addiction may also lend itself to determining what program will work best. Outpatient drug rehab programs are unique in that they allow the individual to “continue living” in a relatively normal place. He or she can go to work, fix dinner for the family, go to the grocery store and many other everyday happenings.

The appointment at the outpatient rehab program is the one addition to the daily, every other day or weekly lifestyle. There are advantages, and there can be disadvantages, but in any case, the advantages will highly outweigh any disadvantage.

Advantage of Privacy

The first advantage is the element of privacy that many recovering addicts desire. More than likely, family, friends and co-workers do not even know the individual sitting beside them at the office is a narcotic addict. By attending the outpatient drug rehab daily or weekly, it can be done in secrecy – after work, at lunch time or before work.

Advantage of Building a Support Group

The advantage of building a broader support group is one of the most important because support outshines therapy and medical evaluation by a long shot. If the recovering addict has a friend to call in a moment of temptation, it can mean the difference between relapse and recovery.

The support group will be broader because the therapy sessions can happen with one group on Monday and a totally different group on Wednesday and even another group on Friday. Now the recovering addict has three groups of friends to add to the speed dial.

Advantage of Immediate Life Application

The advantage of immediate life application is invaluable. The recovering addict learns a stress-coping skill or a creative way to avoid temptation in the therapy session on Monday. Tuesday, a child is sick, husband’s car breaks down and the deadline for a project was moved up. Now is a perfect opportunity to put into use the distressing technique learned on Monday. It is one thing to hear a medical professional explain something in a group therapy session; it is totally another to apply it to real life. Outpatient drug rehab gives this extra edge for success.

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