Being Charged with a DWI Requires the Help of an Attorney in Rockwall, TX

Like most states, Texas has recently been cracking down on DWI offenders, making this charge costlier than ever before. In an attempt to curb DWI incidents, the state has passed laws that could cause even first-time offenders to end up in jail. It is imperative individuals avoid driving while they are under the influence. If mistakes are made and a DWI charge has been brought, defendants need to know they can hire an attorney in Rockwall, TX. With the help of an attorney, defendants can rest assured they will be treated fairly throughout the process.

It is important first-time offenders understand the penalties they might face:

* Fines of up to $2,000

* Jail time from 3 to 180 days

* License suspension for up to 2 years

* Surcharges of up to $2,000 to keep the license

It can be stressful for anyone to be charged with such a serious crime but is especially so for first-time offenders. Individuals do not always have a strong grasp of the law or the penalties they face if they are found guilty. Many also do not understand their rights and the steps they need to take to get the most favorable outcome in their trial.

While no attorney can offer a defendant a guarantee for any outcome, they can certainly offer them peace of mind. The attorney can help a defendant understand their rights and what needs to be done to protect them. They can negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce charges through plea bargaining. If successful, this can reduce the charges and penalties a person will face.

If found guilty, there is always the option of appeal with an attorney in Rockwall, TX. Attorneys can also help in reducing sentencing so the penalties are not so harsh and do not cause lasting ramifications in a person’s life.

If you are facing DWI charges and would like to learn more about how an attorney can help you, visit the website. Call the law offices of Tim Hartley and ask them to schedule you an appointment so you can talk with the attorney and learn more about your legal options for defending your charges.

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