Imagine No Portable Work Lights

When you have problems at work or home at night, you can depend on your trustworthy trouble lights. They offer a great emergency light source when standard lighting is not available or simply not enough. However, have you ever wondered how you’d get along without tools like portable LED work lights? To give you a greater appreciation of this type of lighting, let’s imagine no one invented them.

Flashlights Rule

Without modern portable LED work lights (and standard work lights) you’ll depend on flashlights for most of your emergency lighting. Flashlights are effective but when you need to work with both hands, they are a handicap. You must set down the light and this often makes it difficult to see what you are doing.

You Still Have Lanterns

For special lighting, you can turn to lanterns. They make it possible to work with both hands. However, lanterns put out diffused light and this is not the best kind of light for working.


Have you ever tried to read or work with candle light? It makes you wonder how your ancestors every survived at night. Candles offer little lighting, and they are fire hazards.

What about Corded Trouble Lights?

A corded trouble light is an excellent lighting source. They are convenient and easy to use. Some come with retractable cords and you have your choice of incandescent, fluorescent, and portable LED work lights. Yet, there is just one problem. These lights are portable, so they don’t exist in the world we just imagined.

Back to Reality

Thankfully, the world is full of high-quality portable LED work lights and many other types of trouble lighting products. They make your home life and job easier with the right kind of light for any occasion. Whether you choose corded or battery-powered lights, make sure to go with a trusted lighting source for all your needs, for best results.

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