Services Offered by Medical Clinics in Kihei

Although many medical clinics offer urgent care services, dealing with minor emergencies is far from the only service that they provide. Doctors at clinics can also provide a wide variety of other services. This can be extremely convenient for patients that are not local to the area, or whose doctors do not take walk-ins without appointments. Below are just a few of the services provided at some comprehensive medical clinics.

Urgent Care Services

Acute injuries or illnesses that need to be treated immediately but are not life-threatening are best dealt with at a clinic rather than the emergency room. This allows ER doctors to focus on serious cases while allowing patients who require antibiotics or basic emergency care to be treated immediately without having to wait for an appointment.

Refill Prescriptions

Visitors to Hawaii often have trouble getting necessary prescriptions while on the island as their doctors do not carry the appropriate licenses. Patients who require sleep medications, pain killers, or other prescription medicine can’t always wait until they get home to get the treatment they need. Heading to a clinic allows them to have prescriptions refilled the same day.

Diagnostic Testing

Comprehensive medical clinics have access to diagnostic imaging technology and can perform basic blood tests. Visiting a clinic with on-site INR testing can help patients get quick readings for medications, which is particularly helpful when they can be adjusted and called in to a local pharmacy by the same doctors. Things like TB testing can also be performed by a qualified nurse at a clinic instead of making an appointment with a primary care physician.

Medical Evaluations

Young athletes who require sports physicals can get them done on time to start the season at some, though not all, medical clinics. Workers compensation and vehicular accident claims are also accepted at some medical clinics. Patients who intend to use these forms of insurance should inquire about accepted payments prior to their appointments.

Getting Immunized

Immunizations for flu, pneumonia, and many other illnesses can be obtained from a clinic from a qualifying nurse and do not require a specialized physician. Visit the website for more information about these and other services provided by Medical Clinics in Kihei today.

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