How You May Experience Water Damage in Corning NY

Next to a fire, water damage might be one of the worst things that can happen to a home. Water damage has been known to cause thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Water Damage in Corning NY can occur due to a plumbing problem or a leak in the roof. Floods are another problem that many homes tend to have a problem with. In any case, here are some of the common problems that lead to water damage and how you can avoid them.

The plumbing pipes throughout your home are very important and very delicate. The winter time is usually the time when you Experience Water Damage In Corning NY. Freezing temperatures can freeze the water settling throughout your plumbing. When this water freezes it expands and begins to cause the surrounding pipes to expand as well. Eventually, the pipes burst and your home becomes damaged due to leaking water. You may be able to prevent this by allowing water to slowly drip through the faucets in your home. Wrapping your exposed pipes with newspapers and foam may also prevent them from freezing.

Roofing problems usually lead to water leaks. You might have a roof with missing shingles or warped flashing. These types of roofing problems can make your home more susceptible to rain water and leaks. You may not even notice there’s a problem until you notice the Water Damage in Corning NY. Homes that suffer leaks often experience water rings or stains along the ceilings and walls. If you see these water stains, it means that water has already penetrated your roof and is affecting your home. At this point you may need to call a roofing contractor in order to fix the problem.

Practically every homeowner dreads having to deal with a flood. When most people think of floods they typically think of experiencing several feet of water; however, just a few inches of water can do a lot of damage. If your home ever experiences a flood, you’ll need to call a professional water restoration company immediately. A place like ServiceMaster of the Tri-Counties can pump the water from your home and repair any damages you may have experienced.

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