Important Actions Taken by a Criminal Law Attorney in Mesa AZ

A criminal charge against you can get you behind bars if you do not have a competent criminal Law Attorney in Mesa AZ to fight the legal battle for you. There are certain crucial steps that every attorney should take to see that you either get the charges dropped, get a fair trial or a light sentence. Here, are some actions taken by the attorney you will hire for your defense.

Examining the bond

There are certain criminal offences that a suspect cannot be given a bond. Bonds are mainly given as surety that the suspect will appear in all the courts hearings. If the bond given to you is too high or the conditions that come with it are interfering with your day to day activities, then your attorney should see to it that the necessary conditions are modified.

Reviewing the evidence

All evidence against you should be handed over to your lawyer by the prosecutor. All copies of audio, video, pictures or written reports of evidence against you should be in your lawyer’s custody from the beginning of your case. This evidence is just as important to your attorney as it is to the prosecutor because your lawyer might find some faulty evidence, which might lessen the charges or get you exonerated.

Assess the defense

Your attorney should look at the incriminating evidence against you and use some of it in your defense. For instance, any unwarranted search is illegal regardless of the evidence found. After reviewing all the evidence he should ask you the details, and with his profession and knowledge of the law, he will be able to determine if the evidence was acquired the legal way or if there are any false statements that can be proved in a walker hearing.

Pre-trial conference

Before trials, you together with your attorney and the prosecutor should sit down and discuss whether you should proceed to trial, bargain a plea or discharge the case. If from the beginning your attorney was doing things right, then at this stage you should get the best deal.

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