Access Control in Portsmouth – Do You Require an Access Control System?

If you live in a large property, it can be difficult to monitor the premises 24/7. Should you own a business and be responsible for the safety of employees and customers, it is imperative that you hire a professional to install some kind of access control in Portsmouth for you. A tried-and-tested way of deterring trespassers and criminals, access control systems are available in various forms and offer numerous advantages over the traditional lock and key function. When you consider the fact that duplicating locks and keys is a relatively simple task, electronic access becomes very appealing.

What is Access Control?
The term “access control” is used to describe a broad range of systems that are specially designed to keep crime levels low. When certain areas are controlled with an alarm, camera, gate or something similar, this will be referred to as access control in Portsmouth. Systems are advancing by the day, and the idea is to deny access to unauthorised individuals. Convenient and quick, these systems can sometimes be linked with police stations, so that should any unusual activity occur, you can get assistance right away.

The Basic Components
It doesn’t matter whether you choose a CCTV system or control keypad system, because all kinds of access control in Portsmouth will be crafted with a number of basic components. These are:

1. Access Card – Also known as the electronic key, it will be encoded in a unique way to grant entry to a building. Normally, this card will be around the same size as a credit card.

2. Electric Lock Hardware – With this hardware you can easily lock and unlock the doors in a building. Some available types of hardware include electromagnetic locks, electric locks and exit devices.

3. Server Computer – Ideal for large organizations that want to keep a close eye on what is happening within the business environment, a server computer will record activity on the application software.

Set-Up and Operation
Once you have hired a professional to fit the system, you will be responsible for managing it. One of your daily duties will include setting it up and tailoring it to your specific needs. Some ways in which you can customise the operation of access control include choosing the time and day when access cards work, defining holidays and setting system parameters, based on the building size.

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