How to Create Quality Trade Show Exhibit Booths

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Business Services

Trade show exhibit booths are an excellent way to showcase your products and services to a distinct target market. Because the people who come to the show do so because they want to learn more about the companies and their products and services, they are easier to market to. In order to make the most of your event, there are a few important notions to keep in mind: be unique, make your booth easy to navigate and set yourself apart from the competition.

Be Unique but Not Obnoxious

You want your booth to stand out, giving consumers a reason to walk over and see what you have to offer. There is a fine line between standing out and being over-the-top obnoxious. Choose your colors and graphics wisely and always keep them in line with your overall company image. Use fun tactics to draw consumers over but still act professional and with the utmost respect for the attendees. Remember however you act and portray your company at the event is how most consumers will remember you.

Easy Navigation

Make it easy for consumers to navigate their way through your trade show exhibit booths. You don’t want anyone to feel like they are in a maze, trying to find their way out. Make your products or services easily visible at eye level and allow consumers to look at, touch and otherwise explore your products. The more hands-on opportunities you provide, the more they will get to know your products.

Set Boundaries

Make sure your booth has distinct lines and boundaries that set you apart from your neighbors. You don’t want consumers to be listening to your spiel while taking a sneak peek next door. You want to gather their full attention, which can be done by having an exhibit that offers you the privacy you need to keep the consumer’s attention and avoids them from becoming easily distracted by “shiny objects” down the aisle.

Innovative Trade show exhibit booths are a great way to garner the attention of consumers who already show an interest in learning more. It is the one opportunity you have to get in front of thousands of consumers with the ability to grab their undivided attention and try to sell your products. Use your time wisely and plan your booth so it is professional, attention-grabbing, easy to navigate and private enough to shield you and your potential customers away from the competition.

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