The benefits of professional property management in Greensboro

If you own investment property, using professional property management in Greensboro can provide many benefits over doing the job yourself.  Professional property managers are worth their weight in gold.  They can add value to the property and provide the highest possible yield.

Tenant Quality:

Once a tenant has signed the lease and taken up residence, it can be very difficult to dislodge them.  The best way to avoid this problem is not to let unfit tenants into the property to begin with.  Of all the tasks that professional property management in Greensboro take up, pre-screening applicant ranks is among the most important.  The screening process is the best tool the manager has to ensure the eventual tenant will be responsible, respectable, pay timely rent, stay longer, cause less wear and tear on the property, and cause fewer problems.The professional property manager is well acquainted with the laws applying to discrimination.  They can shield you from any discrimination suits by conducting the selection process in full accordance with the law.  The filtering process will separate those who have the potential of being good tenants from those applicants who pose a risk.  After many years and hundreds of screenings, professional property managers are tuned to a fraudulent applicant and can quickly separate them from good tenants.

Fewer legal problems:

Experience has shown many landlords that just one bothersome tenant can cause serious legal problems and uncomfortable financial exposure.  The management company is aware of the latest laws that apply to tenant/landlord relations.  Each State and Locality have different laws that apply to the screening process, property inspections and safety, lease amendments, lease termination, and eviction procedures.

Shorter vacancies:

When you engage the services of a local property manager, the manager is best suited to keep the property occupied and generating rent.  Their local knowledge is important in establishing the rental rate.  If the rent is set non-competitively, the property will remain vacant; if the rent is set too low, you are losing money.  The manager knows the going rates for comparable properties.  They will gain the highest possible rent and allow the lowest possible downtime.  Professional property management in Greensboro knows what to say in property ads, and they know where the ad should be placed to obtain maximum exposure.  The manager is skilled at property negotiations; they can select the perfect tenant and close the deal.

Tenant retention:

Every time a tenant moves out, you are obliged by law to change the locks, clean the carpet, clean the unit thoroughly, and make repairs.  This expense can be kept to a minimum if the tenant is kept happy and believes they will be well looked after.  Good property managers have tested policies that go a long way to keeping the tenant renewing their lease year after year.

For the best in professional property management in Greensboro, call upon Real Property Management – Triad.  With years of experience, they are best suited to protect your property and maximize your property investment.

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