How Can A Vet Tell If Your Pet Is Sick?

by | Jun 22, 2012 | Health Care

If our pets could tell us how they feel by speaking to us, life with them would be much easier. We would know exactly when our pets weren’t feeling well and when to take them to a vet in Columbus Ohio. But since they can’t speak for themselves, they show signs and symptoms that pet owners need to be aware of. If your pet is usually active and playful with a big appetite but is suddenly sleeping a lot and not eating their food, this could be a sign that something is wrong.

 When you take your pet to a vet in Columbus Ohio, they will get an examination from the vet to help figure out what the problem may be and to check on their overall health. First, the vet will take your pet’s temperature and listen to their heart and lungs for irregular beats or wheezing sounds. They will also check inside your pet’s mouth to see if there are any dental problems like abscessed teeth. They also often look inside your pet’s ears to for signs of infections. If the vet is still not sure what is going on with your pet, additional tests may be necessary to diagnose the condition.

 If you have just adopted a brand new puppy or kitten, it will need vaccinations if it hasn’t already had any. Vaccinations help protect pets against diseases and illnesses that animals can sometimes pick up. The vet might also talk to you about getting your pet spayed or neutered. This is a procedure done in the office when your pet is a couple months old and it is important for so many reasons. Getting your pet spayed or neutered may actually help your pet to act more calm and well mannered. It also sometimes corrects unwanted behaviors such as spraying or “marking.” But the most important reason why you should get your pet spayed or neutered is to help control the pet population. Unwanted dogs and cats at the animal shelter have to be put to sleep because there are too many animals and simply not enough people to adopt them. Getting your pet spayed or neutered can help with this problem.

 If you are trying to find a vet in Columbus Ohio to take your pet to, you can start by doing a search on the internet. It’s a good idea to find an animal hospital that is close to you where you live so that you don’t have to drive your pet clear across town or to another city to see a vet. Some pets get anxious on long car rides.

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