Why You Might Need A DUI Attorney

If you’ve made the mistake of driving drunk and now you are facing a DUI offense, there are some things to keep in mind when deciding if hiring a DUI attorney in Baltimore or elsewhere is the right step to take. Maybe this is a first time offense, but a DUI is considered to be a serious offense in most cases and will likely impact your record, affecting future employment searches and any other background checks.

When being faced with a DUI charge, there is always the risk of having your driver’s license revoked or being slapped with a heavy charge. In hiring an expert DUI attorney in Baltimore, these serious repercussions may be significantly reduced.

DUI attorney Baltimore

DUI attorney Baltimore

Of course, if you are innocent but somehow failed a sobriety or breathe test, an attorney is especially needed. Trying to represent yourself in such circumstances can prove tricky as there are many laws involved with DUI on a state by state basis. Many people faced with a DUI feel so overwhelmed they simply plead guilty without representation whatsoever, and face the consequences as they will. It’s important to recognize that there are varying DUI and DWI laws and respective fines that differ on a state to state basis. Hiring a DUI attorney in Baltimore will provide you with someone who understands every law as it relates to your case and state and how they can help plead for a less severe outcome on your case. Some sentences are quite severe when it comes to a DUI, so having that experience and defense of someone who can back you up can really help the process as well as your overall peace of mind.

Should a guilty verdict be determined, a DUI attorney can assist their clients when it comes to seeking a plea bargain in an attempt to reduce the charge. For example, a DUI case might be lessened to that of a reckless driving case which would carry with it a less severe punishment.

DUI attorney Baltimore

DUI attorney Baltimore

When seeking a DUI attorney, prepare to call more than one to compare attorney’s fees and to discuss your case in an initial consultation. Usually these initial consultations are free of charge and they help the accused in being more informed on what to expect regarding their case and their need for representation.

Many suggest meeting with at least two attorneys before making a decision on who will represent you as this is likely someone you’ll be working closely with in the next little while. Seek out referrals from friends or a family member who has dealt with similar circumstances to give you leads on DUI attorneys that might work for you.

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