Save Money with Early Action On Repairs

Acting fast on driveway repair in Plano helps your property have good curb appeal. You can tell which neighbors really look after their homes and yards in your areas; their yards are immaculate and their driveways are in good repair.  It is always a good idea to check out your driveway a couple of times a year, especially after a long cold winter, or hot wet summer.  Once seepage water gets into the asphalt, damage starts to occur.  Even small cracks can allow a sizable amount of damage over time.  As with any repair, catching it in the beginning is always going to save you in the long run.

It is a good idea when starting your driveway repair in Plano to remove everything off the driveway; cars, bikes, garbage cans etc. and then spray it clean with the hose.  Allow it to dry and then, with spray can in hand, walk over every foot of the driveway, checking and circling with paint, any cracks, holes, or chips.  If there is damage, choose a relatively dry day to perform the repairs.  Visit your local home improvement store for all needed supplies and advise.

For small cracks and fractures in the asphalt when doing your driveway repair in Plano, use one of the latex crack sealants available.  These do a great job of filling and sealing the fractures in the cement.  They come in long tubes and can be fitted into caulking guns for easy application.  For larger holes, asphalt patch kits are the way to go.  They are mixed up and filled in the holes.  A snow scrapper does a great job of smoothing out the mix and getting it level with the rest of the driveway.  For those bigger holes, a coarse-aggregate filler mix is the way to proceed.  Make sure to vacuum out all the loose rocks and dirt before you proceed.  This filler mix, often called cold patch, will need a longer period to dry, so cover with a piece of plywood and drive the car wheel over it, to pressure dry it, overnight.

Once all the cracks and holes in the driveway repair in Plano are finished, you are ready for the coal-tar sealant to be applied to the driveway.  This seals the driveway to prevent future cracks and holes from appearing. The sealant comes in large 5 gallon buckets which cover about 300 square feet.  This can be applied with the squeegee side of the application brush.  Pay careful attention to the edge of the driveway where it meets the glass.  Be careful not to get the grass covered with the mixture.

driveway repair Plano

driveway repair Plano


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