Experienced Adoption Lawyer in Texas

Choosing adoption can be stressful and hectic. That’s why it’s important to choose a lawyer with 30 years in the business involving all facets of the adoption process. Michael R. Lackmeyer works with birth mothers, potential adoptive parents, legal immigrant adoptions, and miscellaneous adoption services. Attorney Michael R. Lackmeyer offers a free consultation as well. Compassion and understanding are of his utmost priority. When searching for Adoption Agencies in Waco it is imperative to work with a lawyer who has an excellent reputation and provides adoption services tailored to your needs.

Michael R. Lackmeyer is readily available in Central Texas areas including: Killeen, Austin, Georgetown, Waco and Temple cities. He is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. Pre-adoption workshops are available, in which planning and studying for the adoption are implemented. International adoption home studies are offered as well. Counseling and social work services are important for many people, and that is another service Attorney Michael R. Lackmeyer offers. Most importantly, he understands the adoption systems and all parts that comes to play during (and even after) the process. No stones will be left unturned, and best of all, there will be no unforeseen surprises.

Michael R. Lackmeyer, Attorney at Law is experienced with walking birth mothers through every step of an unplanned pregnancy, and he can inform of all options. Support is available 24 hours a day. Staff can assist with extended family placement, parenting, adoption, or short-term care if additional time is needed to think. Assistance identifying a favorable adoptive family is given, as well as medical and financial assistance options. Michael R. Lackmeyer and staff provide a range of assistance for adoptive parents. Your situation is unique and he and his staff are experienced with military adoptions, interstate adoptions, adult adoptions, step parent or family adoptions, foster parent adoptions, and re-adoptions, are all but a few unique situations Attorney Michael R. Lackmeyer has experience in. If you need assistance tying loose ends with a legal residence immigrant adoption, you need the right Adoption Agencies in Waco to assist you. Michael R. Lackmeyer, Attorney at Law is waiting to assist you in whatever your situation calls for, so click here to find out more.

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