Advantages of Having Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments at Carrier Dentistry

by | Apr 14, 2014 | Dentistry

Anyone who is concerned with the way their teeth look due to stains from coffee, tea, wine or other substances, should having their teeth professionally whitened at a dental office, like Carrier Dentistry. While there are a number of over the counter types of strips, gels and other products designed for this purpose, they often to not offer the types of results a person is looking for. In such cases, a professional whitening treatment is generally best.

Most whitening kits are designed to only remove a limited amount of stains from a person’s teeth. This is because the products used in over the counter treatments are generally not as strong as professional strength treatments can use. This is because these products do not have high concentrations of active whitening agents in the same way professional products have. Because of this, the teeth will not be able to get as white as they can when a dentist handles the whitening treatment.

A dentist from a dental clinic, such as Carrier Dentistry, will be able to obtain and use products, which have high concentrations of the ingredients, which cause the actual whitening to occur. Many products rely on carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to produce whitening results. However, if the percentage of these agents is low, the whitening process will take longer and not be as successful.

In addition to being able to use a stronger whitening agent, a dentist will also be able to make a custom fitted dental tray to use in the application. Since the whitening gel is often applied to the teeth with the tray, having a good fit when using the tray can be essential in making sure the product reaches and coats all the teeth well. Retail kits providing trays generally use a standard sized tray, which does not fit as snuggly as a custom size tray.

Finally, a dentist will be able to spend time before the procedure cleaning or having the patient’s teeth cleaned. This can often eliminate tartar or plaque build-up from the teeth, which can hinder the progress of the whitening treatment. A dentist will also be able to examine the teeth before treatments begin, to determine if the patient will benefit from the whitening treatment, or if another dental treatment might be needed to correct a patient’s issues with their teeth.


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