How Do Parents Put A Child Up For Adoption In Oklahoma City?

In Oklahoma, biological parents who want to give their child up for adoption must follow specific steps. These steps ensure that the adoption follows all associated laws. If there are any errors, the prospective parents could face unnecessary difficulties. The following are the details about how to put a child up for adoption in Oklahoma City.

Surrender the Child to the State

The first step is to surrender the child to the state. This process renders the child a ward of the state. Typically, the biological parent can take the child to an orphanage and complete the required forms. These forms indicate that the parent is giving the orphanage the authority to follow steps to find the child a suitable home.

Terminate Parental Rights

The biological parent must follow the legal steps for terminating their parental rights. They must meet with an attorney or judge to complete and file a motion to end their rights. Once these parental rights are terminated, the biological parent cannot petition the court to restore them. They cannot visit the adoptive parents and harass them. If they try to take the child away from the adoptive parents illegally, they will face criminal charges.

Add Provisions in the Adoption Contract

Any biological parent who wants to add provisions to the adoption contract must inform the agency. These provisions may include visitation with the child. However, any biological parent who wants visitation must follow specific guidelines. They cannot arrive at the child’s new home without permission or some type of previous arrangements.

Meet with Prospective Parents

The biological parents can meet with the prospective parents. These meetings allow the biological parent to assess these applicants. They are allowed to present a series of questions to assess the adoptive parents.

In Oklahoma, biological parents have the right to place their child up for adoption. They must follow the laws and steps for completing this process. This includes the termination of their parental rights. They must also give the agency permission to allow parents to adopt their child. Parents who need to learn how to put a child up for adoption in Oklahoma City, visit us for more information now.

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