Easing Your Dog’s Arthritis Aches: Advice from the Leading Animal Hospital in Alexandria, VA

Though you may not always realize it, your dog’s body ages in a way that’s quite similar to the human body. Over years of activity and movement, cartilage wears away and joints become stiff and achy, leading to the development of arthritis and the gradual slowing down of your dog’s lifestyle. This is one of the most common issues seen at the leading Animal Hospital in Alexandria, VA, which treats hundreds of furry patients every year, and according to their team of professionals, there are several simple actions you can take to help ease your dog’s aches and pains and enable him to move around more easily.

While it may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, inactivity can actually cause the aches and pains of arthritis to worsen. According to the professionals at a Animal Hospital Alexandria, VA, sitting still for an extended period of time allows the joints to stiffen and make it harder and more uncomfortable when your dog does get up, so establishing a regular routine of gentle exercise can help minimize these effects. Exercise has the added benefit of building overall strength and endurance, which can help support the body and counteract the difficulties of dealing with arthritis. Adding a glucosamine supplement to your pet’s diet can also help provide better cushioning for sensitive joints and make it easier to move. As the body ages, the fluid and cartilage between bones tends to decrease and lead to the painful symptoms that plague aging bodies. Giving your dog a consistent daily dose of glucosamine can help rebuild and increase the cushioning so that he’s able to move better and with greater ease. Finally, talk to your vet about the possibility of prescribing an anti-inflammatory medication to manage Rover’s symptoms. A trained veterinarian at your to can exam your dog, determine the severity of the symptoms, and then prescribe an appropriate level of medication for maximum benefit with as few side effects as possible.

There’s no doubt that our dogs enrich our lives in a multitude of ways on a daily basis, and we can return the favor by safeguarding their health. Take the advice of experts at the top Animal Hospital and be proactive in managing your dog’s arthritis symptoms so that you and he can enjoy a long, healthy life together.

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