The Benefits of Professional Pet Grooming in Alexandria, VA

The family pet deserves a little pampering too. One way to provide that pampering is by using a service that provides pet grooming in Alexandria, VA. Here are some examples of the types of grooming that are provided for different types of pets.

Trimming the Coat

Many household pets could benefit from having the coat trimmed. This is especially true when hot weather is on the way. Depending on the breed, a professional can recommend the best ways to thin and trim the coat so that the pet is still properly protected, but will be more comfortable during the warmer months.

Eliminating Tangles

Some pets with longer coats often end up with tangles in the fur. Experts in Pet Grooming in Alexandria, VA will know how to remove those tangles without causing the pet a great deal of distress. Using special brushes and possibly scissors to deal with the matted fur, the problem will be solved in no time. As a plus, the pet is likely to enjoy the attention and the feel of the brush as it passes through the coat.


Grooming professionals can also take on the task of giving the pet a bath. This can be a difficult task for the owner, especially when the pet is not crazy about being bathed. A professional will use a shampoo that is right for the coat and will also help to get rid of any issues like flea larvae that may be embedded close to the skin. As a plus, a professional will know how to keep the pet at ease during the process. Once the pet is dried off, a thorough brushing will help to bring out the natural beauty of the coat, and also help to relax the pet after that ordeal of being bathed.

Taking Care of the Nails

An essential of the grooming process is to trim the nails or claws of the pet. This is especially important when the animal spends a great deal of time indoors. Shorter nails will translate into less damage to the furniture, and will also ensure that the pet does not have trouble walking due to nails that have grown to the point of being cumbersome. Per owners who would like to give their pets a little pampering can click here for more details. Arranging an appointment is not difficult, and the results will please both the pet and the owner.

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