Does Your Business Need Machining ERP Software?

While there are some very large sized machine shops across the country and even internationally, a lot of these specialized shops tend to be small to medium sized businesses, often family owned. Many of these small to medium sized business do not use machining ERP software but rather use a system of different independent programs to run their business.

This means that tracking employee scheduling, time and days-off is done on one software program, quotes are done on another, inventory management on a third, invoicing and billing on a fourth and so on. Finding information is a never ending series of opening programs and clicking through screens to try to find what you are looking for.

The Answer to Time Inefficient Systems

For these companies migrating from all these independent programs and systems to one comprehensive and complete machining ERP software package is not only cost effective but it is going to save your time, energy and make your business run much smoother.

With machining ERP software you wi ll simply log into a dashboard that provides you with access to each section of the program through tabs that are clearly labeled. It also allows you to bring up all the information by customer so your project quote, on hand inventory, purchase orders, customer contact information and even the possibility to schedule shipments and generate invoices is right at your fingertips.

There is no clicking through multiple layers of a program or having your financial software running while you search your database or invoicing records. Everything is all right there and information that you key into one section of the machining ERP software will automatically be transferred throughout the system so it is visible on all applicable screens.

Generating Documentation

This makes it easy when it comes to invoicing customers or scheduling shipments as everything is all done from that same dashboard system. Virtually your machining ERP software becomes your centralized financial, inventory, job monitoring and even human resource management tool all rolled into one software system.

Of course you will also be able to generate requests for quotes from multiple suppliers or vendors with just one click of the mouse through your machining ERP software. The system also ingrates the information you need to print reports on everything from job costing to profit and loss as well as reporting on job progress for small or large orders.

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