Tips For Choosing The Best Styles Of Event Flags

If you are trying to decide which type of event flags are best for your needs, it is critical to take a minute and think of where the flags are to be displayed. This will be one of the most important factors as you will need to choose a shape, style and size of flag that is appropriate for the location where the flags will be placed.

In general event flags are only going to be on display for a short period of time immediately before and during the event. However, you may also want to have larger event flags that are on display in advance of the event as part of a marketing campaign.

As always event flags can include traditional rectangular shaped flags. These are a good option if the facility or location has flag poles in place and you can simply use your flag on that pole. However, if there are no flag poles in the location there are options for portable flag poles that are a great option and are very sturdy in all but the windiest conditions.

Feather Flags, Swoopers, and Flying Banners

Swooper flags, also known as flying banners, feather flags and even teardrop or bow flags are not traditional flags. They are long and narrow and are attached to the pole along one side and across the top. In the case of teardrop or bow flags the frame of the pole may actually be on all sides of the flag. This is a great option for flags with a message or written information since these event flags will always be open and not dependent on the wind to be extended.

Car Flags

If you want to really be mobile with your marketing and advertising then event flags on vehicles are a great option. Car flags are a wonderful giveaway idea that will promote your team, business, sporting event, concert or even your brand.

These flags are also perfect for special days, holidays and celebrations and, while they won’t last for a long time, they are a wonderful event flags option.

Streamers can also make a great idea as part of your collection of event flags. These can highlight areas for people to gather or to mark off different areas or activities during the event.

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