Parts of the Instrument Cluster

The Silverado Instrument Cluster, which is also more commonly referred to as the dashboard, is the surface of your vehicle located directly below your windshield. This is the area that provides drivers with a number of different readouts in relation to how the vehicle is operating. In most cases, the instrument panels are padded, so that they remain safe and intact during a crash. Some of the most common components of an instrument cluster are found here.

The Tachometer

This is the gauge that shows drivers the operating speed of their engine. Specifically, this gauge represents the total number of revolutions that the crankshaft of an engine makes each minute. The units on the actual gauge will read “rpm.” On the majority of tachometers, a frequency that exceeds the maximum safe operating level for a vehicle is marked in red. However, most modern vehicles will have a limiter built in that will prevent the vehicle’s engine from going over this level.

Using the measurements provided by the tachometer provides a great way to determine the performance of a vehicle’s engine. For example, if it takes a vehicle 2,000 rpm to travel 40 mph and then later 3,000 rpm, the driver can conclude that there is something wrong. Additionally, if a vehicle misfires, then the driver will notice the tachometer needle moving erratically.

The Speedometer

This is a gauge that you are likely familiar with if you drive. This lets you know how fast you are traveling. The speedometer in your vehicle includes a sensor, which is connected to the drivetrain, which transmits information regarding the rotation of the drivetrain to the needle, or other type of indicator in your instrument panel. Up until the eighties, there was only one type of speedometer used, which was an eddy current speedometer. While this is still found in vehicles today, more modern models use electronic speedometers that communicate with electric pulses.

The Odometer

The odometer is the gauge that tells drivers the distance they have traveled in this vehicle during its entire life. The odometer will often also come with a setting that tells the total distance of a specific trip. This gauge is important in determining the actual market value of a vehicle, since it can indicate the general level of wear and tear. This is why it is illegal in many areas to tamper with the odometer.

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