Details to Look for Before Contacting a Pool Liner Company in Fayette County

Owning a pool means that you need to keep the water clean and make sure the area around the pool is free of clutter. It also means that you need to pay attention to the liner as it will likely exhibit wear and tear over time. Here are a few signs to look for that could indicate that you need to replace the liner in your pool.


If you notice any tears in the liner or any cracks, then you should consider contacting a company about pool liner replacement in Fayette County. This is an issue that’s usually seen more with vinyl liners as the material can become loose over time, making it easier for it to tear. Sometimes, cracks and tears could be the result of leaking water, which could lead to adding more water over short lengths of time or replacing other components of the pool as well.


Over time, you’ll likely notice that the liner in your pool begins to fade or that it has stains from natural substances or from the products that are used in the water. Excessive staining could warrant a call to a company that can replace your liner as you want it to maintain its color to maintain the appearance of the pool. Algae and rust can also cause discoloration.


One reason why you might want to contact a company about Pool Liner Replacement In Fayette County would be if you notice any wrinkling. This could mean that the liner has lost its elasticity, resulting in the material slipping off of the side of the pool.

Contact J&M Pool Company at for more information about what you can look for if you suspect your liner needs to be replaced.

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