Evaluating Your Options With 4 Pillars

Financial challenges can occur in anyone’s life. These issues are often brought about by situations outside of the individual’s direct control. Common causes of financial problems include emergency medical or serious health issues, divorce, or the loss of a job. Downsizing of companies, automation, and the move to reduce the workforce in any company all contribute to reduced employment hours or job loss.

Finding yourself in debt and struggling to make minimum payments on credit cards, pay the mortgage, stay current on car notes and pay off student loans can be overwhelming. The good news is that the professional debt consultants at 4 Pillars are here to help.

Assessing Your Situation

It is not uncommon for people to misread their financial situation. In working with a 4 Pillars debt consultant, the first step is a full understanding and assessment of your income and debt. At the first meeting, be prepared to review your income, assets, debt, and other issues that are impacting your current financial situation.

Through this process, it may be possible to consider budget options, reprioritizing debt payments, and other combinations of factors to address the debt. Other people may need to consider a consolidation loan, a consumer proposal, or bankruptcy.

Regardless of the recommendation, understanding your options is the first step in the process. The 4 Pillars debt consultant outlines the options available given the specifics of your situation. You have the final decision as to how to proceed and who else may need to be involved.

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