The Benefits Of Renting An Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed

Caring for a loved one after an illness, surgical procedure, or for long-term care for family members, renting a hospital bed for use in the home offers several benefits. Trying to care for someone with mobility issues in a traditional bed is challenging, and it also may limit the opportunities for the individual to find comfortable positions for eating, watching TV, reading, or talking to friends and family.

Positioning Ability

An Invacare full electric hospital bed provides all the features and positioning options as found in a hospital facility. These beds come in different sizes, including heavy duty frames and motors for bariatric patients to low height beds.

The Invacare full electric hospital bed has three different electric motors, which allow precise and controlled positioning for the patient. The control is easy to operate for the individual or the caregiver and positions the upper body, lower body and the overall height of the bed. The ability to move the height of the bed up or down makes getting into and out of the bed safer and less strenuous.

Features to Consider

There are several features to consider with the Invacare full electric hospital bed. Half or full-length bed rails are an important safety feature for the individual, ensuring they cannot slide or roll of the sides of the bed. Adding a premium mattress, special hospital bed sheets, and perhaps an overbed table provides comfort and convenience.

These beds are easy to place in a room. They come with locking casters, allowing the bed to be moved in the room by a single person.

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