Turning to a Garden Center in Waukesha, WI for Year-Round Yard Maintenance

There are different maintenance duties that need to be done for a lawn throughout most of the year. Homeowners can turn to their local Garden Center Waukesha WI for help in keeping their lawn, shrubbery, and trees in good health. In the spring, a lawn service like will clean up any leaves that may have fallen after the last time the yard was raked in the fall. Some small twigs may be on the lawn, too, if there were high winds that previous fall and going into winter.

Around April, they will fertilize the lawn with a balanced fertilizer, concentrating on sparse areas. You may need insect control in the early spring, too, especially from bugs that like to feed on vegetation, and from weeds like crabgrass and granular treatment for broad leaf weeds. They can follow that up in about a month with a liquid application to prevent broad leaf weeds.

As the lawn grows during the early part of the summer, they can return to keep the lawn mowed and to address any weed problems like dandelions. They have lawn edging equipment to give the lawn a nice, trimmed look along the curb, along the sidewalk or patio, and next to the driveway and around trees. The garden center crew can apply a nitrogen fertilizer in early summer and an iron fertilizer in late summer. These follow-up fertilizer treatments, along with homeowner keeping the lawn watered, will help keep the grass green.

This is the time you or the professionals may notice signs of disease in parts of the lawn or on some of the trees, and they can help with a plan of treatment for disease control. Pruning the hedges can be a big job for homeowners, especially if the hedges are plentiful on the property or if they are tall enough to require a ladder to reach. Not everyone has the right pruning equipment or ladders, and not everyone feels safe on top of a ladder. In the fall, they’ll return again to apply a fertilizer that helps repair the grass roots from the heat of the summer sun and fortify them for the winter ahead.

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