Choosing the Right Neighborhood in New York City

New York City is made up of different boroughs and neighborhoods, each one offering its own unique blend of culture and nightlife. Manhattan is a popular area because the transit time is low and many people work directly out of Manhattan, making the commute to work simple and quick. There is a lot of property for sale in Manhattan, especially as new apartment buildings and condos rise up. However, just because Manhattan is important doesn’t mean it’s the only choice for prospective buyers.

The neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens offer a variety of housing choices, although transit times increase and some of the areas are offset by large housing projects and higher than average crime rates. When you need to compare neighborhoods in NYC, here are few pointers to help you.

Pay Attention to Costs

Costs will vary widely among the different neighborhoods. The important thing to remember is what you’re getting for the cost. While you make look at property for sale in Manhattan and find someone cheaper in Brooklyn, will the savings be worth a longer commute, less nightlife, or lower rated schools? Always compare the monthly payments, fees, and taxes to what you’re getting. Just comparing by price can leave you short sighted on the benefits of paying a bit more.

Schools and Safety

If you have children, then the quality of the local schools is important. Many New Yorkers rely on private schools for education, but there is property for sale in Manhattan near reputable public schools. You can find school ratings online or ask your realtor to help you locate the latest ratings of all of the local schools in the area. You also want to look at the safety statistics of different neighborhoods. With the new databases available, you can find out the number of crimes committed each year, segregated by the type of crime.

Nightlife and Culture

Studies done on the housing market show that many prospective buyers consider the quality of nightlife and cultural attractions when purchasing a home. If this is important to you, then you need to consider what clubs, restaurants, retail stores, museums, and parks are within walking distance of the properties you like. While Manhattan is an area that will put you in the center of it all, don’t discount other areas when looking at listings.

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