About Covers for Dining Tables

Many things have changed with time, but one item that has remained useful for decades is the table cover. Covers for dining tables are just as valuable as they were when they were invented. They protect fine furniture from being damaged by spills, scrapes, and hot pans. This is especially important for dining tables because just one accident with a glass of water can ruin an unprotected finish.

Unlike quilts and other such solutions, covers from Superior Table Pad Co. Inc. are made to lie flat. This makes it easy to set glasses and mugs on them without worrying about an increased chance of spillage. The tops are covered with a leatherette material to provide a good texture that does not detract from the dining experience.

In most cases, table pads are covered with a tablecloth during the meal. Some, however, look good enough to leave exposed at other times. In fact, custom table pad companies offer them in a variety of colors and patterns to ensure that they will look great even without a cloth.

The bottoms of dining table pads are covered with velvet-like Duravel or suede-like cloth depending on the quality level chosen. Either one will protect the surface of the table from scratches and abrasion.
One thing to note about table covers is that they do not come as a single piece. Instead, multiple pieces fit together to cover the entire table top. This makes it easy to store the covers when they are not in use. It also allows for much more economical shipping than would otherwise be possible. This design, however, makes it possible for individual cover pieces to move while in use. To eliminate this problem, some manufacturers offer pad locks. These locks fit into the sides of top-tier table pads to hold the sections in position. The sections then function as a single unit until the locks are opened for storage.

With custom pads, lockability is an upgrade option that must be specified when ordering. This is because the pads have to be made differently to accommodate the hardware. It’s a good idea to choose this option since it will make it easier to use the covers throughout their lifespans.

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