Your Disability Attorney in Chico CA is There for You

If you have been injured whether it be in the workplace or in an accident, you need to understand that there is help for you. If you have been injured to a point in which you are no longer capable of holding down work, it will benefit you to set up an appointment with a Disability Attorney Chico CA.

Your attorney is going to help you through this process. He will talk with you and ask you extensive questions about your health problems. This way, he will be able to help you to fill out an application so that you can get started with the process of claiming your benefits.

It’s important to understand that this can sometimes be a process that could take years to complete. Because of this, you need to get started as soon as possible. Set up an appointment with Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law today. They will ask you to come to their office and they will help you to fill out the application. They will need a complete list of any medications that you are currently taking. They will also need to know the name and contact information for your physician.

Sometimes, you may be required to take medications that will not allow you to work. If this is the case, you should easily begin to start collecting benefits right away. Unfortunately, there are so many undeserving people who are trying to collect Social Security. Because of this, you are going to have to prove to the judge that you have these health problems and that you do need these medications. Your attorney knows how to put together a solid case for you. Be patient with him and rely on the fact that he is working hard.

Sometimes, you will be approved without having to go to court. If it does come down to you having to go to court for your disability, your attorney is going to do the majority of the talking. He will help you to prepare for court and let you know what to say and what to expect. When all is said and done, it will be up to the judge to decide whether or not you can collect. Click here for more information.


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