Learn Several Ways to Avoid a Root Canal

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Dentistry

Despite our best efforts it isn’t always possible to avoid a root canal. A root canal is needed if you have a tooth that becomes infected or has become decayed. There are some ways to avoid both from occurring, both of which may seem obvious but are often not done. One way is to make sure you receive regular check-ups from your dentist. The other way to avoid an infection or tooth decay is by making sure you are doing your part by keeping up good oral hygiene. Avoid calling on a New Rochelle, NY, dentist for a root canal by doing these two simple things on a consistent basis.

Make an Appointment to See Your Dentist Regularly

Regular routine visits to your dentist are important to the overall health of your teeth. When you have an old filling, sometimes it needs to be replaced, if it isn’t, bacteria will infect your tooth. Fillings will eventually have to be replaced at some point. You will not know when this is necessary if you do not visit your a dentist regularly. The same is true when you have an old crown. If you have an older crown that should be replaced and it isn’t, you run the chance of your tooth become infected with bacteria. With routine visits to your dentist they will be able to tell you when it is necessary to replace a crown or an old filling. In your effort to avoid a root canal, make an appointment with a New Rochelle, NY, dentist today.

Oral Hygiene is Important

When we are small children we are typically taught how to care for our teeth. However, as we grow up, we may not keep up the routine. It is even more important, as we age, that we keep up our oral hygiene. While our lives are hectic and our schedules are full of daily chores, we can prevent a root canal if we make it a point to regularly floss and brush our teeth. Knowing how often and with what intensity we should brush can also be helpful. If you are unsure about these things, make it a point to speak to your dentist about caring for your teeth at home. A dentist in New Rochelle, NY, can be your best resource when trying to find ways to avoid a root canal.

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