Need New Bouncers for Your CA Night Club? Hire Unarmed Security Guards!

Entitled people and people with short fuses are becoming the norm in society. It’s also become the norm to have some sort of security regardless of what kind of business in California you own and operate. When your night club is seeing an uptick in problem guests, you may need to hire more bouncers. Instead of bouncers, maybe you should consider hiring unarmed security guards in California, CA.

Why Unarmed Security Guards in California, CA Instead of Bouncers?

Big, burly muscle people are in short supply for bouncers now. Security guards are well trained to handle the public and to address major issues with guests at your club. Moreover, their training helps them prevent catastrophic events without the use of weapons or excessive force. You can also hire the unarmed security guards from an agency for various special events at your club.

Professional While Effective at What They Do

The security guards maintain a level of professionalism you might not see in bouncers. That level of professionalism tends to elevate your club and its expectations for guest experiences a little bit. While your club enjoys better security, you enjoy a more positive vibe in the club.

Special Events? Hire Extras

If your club is hosting a special event and you know things are going to get a little rowdy, hire a few extra guards. The guards can circulate and keep their eyes open for situations that could get hairy. They can break things up before anyone in the club gets seriously hurt or worse.

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