Your Questions Answered About Tree Removal Services In Little Rock AR

by | May 19, 2014 | home and garden

Trees can enhance the appearance of your landscape if they’re healthy. Diseased and dead trees make your property look unattractive and they’re dangerous. Branches can break off, damage your property and possibly fall on someone and cause an injury. If you have any hazardous trees on your property, it’s imperative that you call tree removal services in Little Rock AR as soon as possible. Below are some commonly asked questions and answers about tree removal.

Q.) Should I have my tree removed if only a portion of it looks dead?

A.) If at least half of the tree is dead, then you should have it removed. The tree will only continue to fail and become more hazardous. Trees that have only a few dead branches will probably continue to grow, but the dead branches should be trimmed off so they don’t fall. If the dead branches are only on one side of the tree, this is also dangerous and the tree should be taken down. This is a sign that the trunk or roots on the affected side are damaged and they won’t recover.

Q.) Do I need to have anything done to a tree that leans?

A.) If the tree is leaning considerably, this could be the result of a weak root system. The roots of a leaning tree could snap at any time and cause it to fall. If you’re unsure about the safety of your tree, contact a qualified tree service to inspect it for you.

Q.) What are some of the other reasons for having a tree removed?

A.) If your tree is diseased from a fungus growing on the trunk, it’s rotting on the inside and you’ll need to have it removed. If you have a tree growing underneath or close to a power line, it needs to come down immediately. You should never cut down or trim a tree that’s close to power line as this job should be handled by professionals who perform tree removal services in Little Rock AR.

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