Your One Stop Guide To Install The Best Security Systems

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Business And Finance

You don’t need to go through statistics to say that the crime rate in our society has increased by a great extent over the last ten or twelve years. This is why more and more homeowners are installing security systems in their property to safeguard their valuables from the thieves, burglars, and intruders. If you going to have your own family, or you are already a family man, then the first thing you need to consider is the safety and security of the home you are living in.

However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before installing security systems in your home.

Always go for ADT dealers because they are known as the best security company in the US providing superior quality security alarms for more than 130 years with a great reputation in the field. They have formed a wide network of interconnected command centers that are located strategically in all over the US. This comprehensive network helps them monitoring the home alarm systems 24×7. Moreover, they use powerful computers and safe communication system along with various backups. This is why ADT has become the most trusted and reliable security company in the entire US. If you are still wondering why, the following points will help you understand:

* Money back guarantee: ADT offers guarantee on the installation of the security systems in your home. Apart from the installation process, they also provide 6 months guarantee on the products they are offering. If by any chance you notice a problem in the security systems after it has been installed and ADT fails to resolve the matter, they will refund the total money you have paid.

* Guaranteed theft protection: If thieves or burglars break into your home even after the alarm system has been installed, ADT will pay you a certain amount of money of your insurance deductible. Ask the dealer to know more in details.

* Guaranteed moving security: If you plan to change your home and move to a new one within two years after you have installed ADT alarm systems in your home, they will offer you a special premium package. That means, they will install the security system in your new home without charging you anything and you get additional 10 percent discount on upgrading the system. Ask your dealer for more details.

* Save money on your homeowners insurance: After installing ADT security systems, Phoenix (AZ) residents can save up to 20 percent on their homeowners insurance policy. So, you get the chance to secure your home and save a lot of money at the same time.

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