How to plan a successful event

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Business And Finance

An event can be a gathering of people for the purpose of celebration, education, marketing or reunion. Getting together with family, friends or business associates in a social setting, is a great way to connect and communicate. There are different types of events like social event like a birthday party, engagement, wedding, funeral, fairs, parades etc, and education events such as education fair, graduations ceremony job fair, workshop, seminar, debate, contest, competition and sports event like Olympics, world cup, marathon, Wimbledon etc. Some special events can be either business related or purely social. Entertainment events like beauty peagents, stage shows, jewellery shows, fashion shows, fairs, festivals, political function, demonstration, rally, memorials, civic events are bigger events. Corporate event include meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, awards banquet, road shows, conventions, buyer-seller meet fund raising/ cause related event like auction.

Planning an event requires a number of things to be considered and carried out. Every event has its own goals and objectives as well as operation requirements. There are small time private events to the large-scale international events.  Event planning involves creating an event design, arrange for food, decor and entertainment, planning transportation, sending invitations to attendees, arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees, coordinating the activities, supervising at the site among other things. There are many event planning companies that provide their services in organizing an entire event.  These event planners are capable of custom designing menu and coordinating food, decor, and presentation to ensure a spectacular event. They can also produce that last minute, short notice event, whether it be a business meeting, an birthday or a cocktail party, or a funeral.

For a successful execution of any event requires certain important qualities skills including, negotiating skills, creative skills, convincing skills, coordinating skills, planning skills, executing and implementing skills. These skills help an event planner to entail optimum communication skills, as well as ability to look into the minutest details of things in order to ensure optimum level of execution. To make an event special, event manager requires to think outside the box and arrange decorations that are unique and fun to spark conversation among guests and set the mood in the environment.  Before planning an event its important to establish a budget and identify target guests. The event decorations need to be in accordance to the type of event and the ambiance. In case of most social events, an aura of enthusiasm, excitement, and exhilarating atmosphere needs to be created, while in case of corporate events. Event planning can be a fun task to do and with proper organization and planning, it can be a huge success.

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