Your Local Massey Ferguson Dealer in Arkansas Offers Tractor With Great Benefits

Massey Ferguson tractors from the mid-20th century are still in use today in many areas of the country. However, today’s tractors manufactured by this well-known brand are tougher and more durable and designed to operate efficiently far into the future. You can purchase one of these outstanding models from a local Massey Ferguson dealer. Arkansas residents can make use of these tractors for numerous farming and other property maintenance and construction tasks. These machines provide the user with a number of excellent benefits as described below.

Superior Comfort

More comfort means more productivity. Massey Ferguson engineers understand this concept and have designed features such as a flat deck that increases roominess for the user as well as safety. Additional features adding to the comfortable operation of these machines include cab suspension and the suspended front axle.

Multitude of Options

With more than two dozen models offering 22.5 hp to 150 hp engines within seven different series, the midsize and compact tractor options available are vast. This is particularly true with the option of having models with 2 or 4 wheel drive, transmission options, and opener or cab platform. In some cases you will have options between classic, deluxe, and premium versions within the same horsepower class. Through a local Massey Ferguson dealer, you can purchase exactly what you need in tractor capabilities and options.

Dedicated Engines

Other than some of the light-duty models, all Massey Ferguson tractors come with direct injection diesel engines that provide reliable torque and power. AGCO POWER™ engines are used in the 4600, 5600, and 6600 series tractors. These models are ideally suited for agricultural tasks and not for dual-purpose uses in other machines such as forklifts.

Rugged Steel Construction

From the smallest of the largest Massey Ferguson tractor, you can benefit from elements that provide rugged durability, stability, and comfort operating on uneven ground. These elements include goods, fenders, and platforms made from steel.

Innovative transmissions

Massey Ferguson tractors come with some of the best transmissions available in the tractor manufacturing industry. These include options for various speed choices, reverse shuttling/fast-forward, the capability to shift up and down full load in addition to a midrange tractor model that runs with a continuously variable transmission.

High-flow Hydraulics

Many midrange tractors use the choice of open center closed center hydraulics. Quality hydraulic systems transfer more gallons of oil per minute, enabling the fast and quick response of use of attachments such as loaders and other implements. With multiple pumps, available power and productivity is also not sacrificed between systems.

Contact the local Massey Ferguson dealer in your area today to learn more about your tractor options.

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