Signs You Should See An Cabot, AR, Orthodontist

Adults as well as children living in the Cabot, AR area should plan to see a dentist on a semi-annual or quarterly basis, depending on dental health issues, age, and other factors. While most people know the signs they need to see their dentist, they may not be sure when to seek out an orthodontist.

Children and Orthodontics

Even if your children see a dentist, you should consider some key milestones for an appointment with an orthodontist. The American Association of Orthodontists provides specific guidelines for kids, which includes an initial visit before the child turns 7. As a general statement, children have a fully developed bite on the back teeth by the age of 7, so if there are any problems developing they can be identified.

This does not mean immediate treatment is needed, but it allows the orthodontist and the parents to consider all options to make the most effective treatment choices. This is also the time to correct serious bite problems such as crossbite or teeth coming into the mouth and crowding other teeth out of position.

Problems for Adults

Many adults see an orthodontist due to crooked teeth or bite problems that are cosmetic in nature. However, bite problems can also result in digestive problems, mouth pain, jaw pain, and even headaches or neck pain.

In some cases, the misalignment of the jaws can lead to irregular wear on the teeth or problems in chewing and biting. The jaw may also shift or move, or you may have difficulty in closing your mouth completely, all which can cause related breathing and sleep problems.

If you are experiencing any problems with the alignment of your teeth for any reason, an orthodontics visit to a Cabot, AR, specialist is the first step in choosing a way to correct the problem.

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