What is a Wrongful Death in Terre Haute, IN Lawsuit?

Many people don’t fully understand what is meant by the term, “wrongful death.” A wrongful death is a death that occurs as the result of wrongful conduct on the part of another person or persons. It occurs when someone is killed through no fault of their own as a result of the behavior of another, although the behavior of the other person is usually (but not always) unintentional. Examples of wrongful death in Terre Haute, IN would include such circumstances as an automobile accident where the driver was at fault and his passenger was killed, death that resulted from being mauled by a neighbor’s dog that escaped from inadequate containment or when someone is prescribed a medicine that is inappropriate for them, and they die as a result.

The deceased person’s spouse, or next of kin, can bring a civil “wrongful death” lawsuit against the person or persons responsible for the death of their loved one. Wrongful death in Terre Haute, IN lawsuits range from those that occur as the direct result of an intentional action all the way down to negligence and even recklessness. The person or persons responsible can be held liable and the court may rule that they must pay damages to the person who brings the suit. A variety of factors are used to determine the amount of damages including the life expectancy of the person killed, the monetary needs of any surviving dependents, guilt, etc.

If you’re uncertain whether or not your circumstance would properly qualify as a wrongful death, it would be wise to seek the advice of a qualified firm that routinely represents wrongful death victims, such as McGlone Law. All consultations are free, and all attorney fees are payable from the damages won and then only if the case is won. Nothing can replace a life lost, but financial compensation does at least help keep day to day on an even keel, especially in situations where the loss of your loved one’s income and anticipated future benefits would otherwise have been devastating. Even in cases where an insurance company is involved, you’re advised to retain the services of an attorney to represent you, as his or her chances of successful negotiation are generally greater than those of the average individual.

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