The Peg Website Offers Import VCF Contact to iPhone

CEO of Peg, Jason Cohen, was completely fed up with manually entering contacts into his address book. He, Troy Polsey, and J.D. Gershan created more efficient ways to use the vcard to solve this frustration, which is promoted through the Peg website. Not only does it save frustration, but it also saves time, which is very important to a growing business. The vcard will not only share detailed contact information, but also saves the information in a universal format in a matter of seconds. The vcard is actually a vcf file that is saved to computers or smart phone address books. Therefore, people can easily import vcf contact to iphone or other Apple, PC and mobile products that are used as business tools. The file essentially takes the place of a traditional business card that allows businesses to grow digitally. Peg’s use of the vcard is universal as well as a reciprocal. Therefore, information is automatically exchanged between Peg members.

Members claim it is easy to setup their vcf file on Peg’s user-friendly website. There are three ways to share and save contact details. The first way includes placing a link to the vcf file. The link is accessible from any computer or smart phone. The vcard can also connect with the Google Calendar and Peg will automatically email the contact information to people who join you in meetings. The third way to share information is to synchronize the file with social media networks, which will likewise automatically message new connections with contact your information and reciprocate with their VCF file. People should be aware there are extensive privacy measures taken by Peg to secure contact information. The information is never sold to third parties. It also only shows the information that members allow it to, which may or may not include personal information. Although the vcard is ideal for business users, individuals will also appreciate saving time when they import vcf contact to iphone.

The website is completely free to access and use. There is no mobile application download required to access the vcard. Members simply have sign up on the Peg website via email or social media networks, which is also free.

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