Would Kate Fear Dentists in Katy?

Kate Gosselin, formerly of Jon & Kate plus Eight fame, is, apparently scared of the dentist. One has to wonder, with all of the fabulous dentists available in Katy, TX, would Kate still be afraid here?

Revelation of her fear of dentists came just last week when she had a dental emergency. According to the online celeb site gather, Kate sent a Twitter message to her over 70,000 followers. According to the tweet, she was “Rushed to dentist … Temporary crown (remember my first root canal?) just broke … Oh no! I am SO scared of dentists … wish me luck!”

The root canal to which she referred in the tweet happened last September. Although she said that before the root canal she had very good dental hygiene, she vowed after the incident that she would be even more committed. Like so many others, Kate has an irrational fear of dentists and will do almost anything possible to avoid them. It seems odd to think that a woman with eight children could be terrified by the thought of dentists, but in this case, at least, the tweets don’t lie.

Perhaps Kate should interview dentists in the Katy area who offer their patients several options when it comes to pain management. Dentists in Katy understand that a visit to the dentist’s office can make people extremely anxious, causing some to have extreme panic attacks and causing others to avoid dentists altogether.

Some dentists have gone beyond the normal pain reducing options that patients have while in the dentist’s chair to creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere throughout their offices. Some dentists offer their patients pillows, blankets, and even chair massages to make them comfortable before the actual dental procedures ever begin. Others have individual CD players and headphones available for patients who need to block the noise of any equipment in order to stay relaxed. For patients with extreme anxiety, there are dentists who will offer nitrous oxide in the office or sometimes a prescription sedative that can be taken prior to the visit.

With all of the modern pain management techniques that are available to dentists, there should never be a reason for anyone to be in extreme pain while in a dentist’s office. Of course, it would be impossible for any dentist to make a claim that a totally pain-free experience can be had; however, most people find that it is more their fear of the procedure or anxiety over having to go to the dentist that creates most of the fear rather than any actual pain that is experienced.

Dentists Katy Gentle Dental believes in the necessity of a comfortable dental experience for patients in Katy. Dentists at Gentle Dental, take every step possible to minimize your fear and your pain.

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