Working With Stainless Steel Threaded Studs

Many welders have extensive experience in working with stainless steel. Different types of stainless are more or less weldable, which is always a factor in small and large projects.

With the use of stud welding systems, the challenges of stainless steel welding, at least with respect to attaching studs for fasting materials to a base piece can be completely eliminated. The unthreaded, partially threaded or stainless steel threaded studs are easy to use, taking just fractions of a second to complete a perfect weld.

Correct Size and Diameter

Depending on the type of stud welding system, various diameters of stainless steel threaded studs are available in standard sizes. CD or capacitor discharge welding uses smaller diameter studs and is ideal for thinner base pieces and smaller diameter studs.

CD welding is used for a range of manufacturing and fabrication including in HVAC systems, metal cabinets, and equipment, electronics and computers as well as for jewelry and other types of similar applications. Taking just fractions of a second to complete the weld process, there is no marring or discoloration on the back side of the workpiece.

Drawn arc stainless steel threaded studs are used in construction and larger equipment manufacturing. This is the process used in shipbuilding, marine facilities construction, building construction, heavy duty equipment, automotive and in aerospace and aviation projects.

Specific Environmental Concerns

The choice of stainless steel for the weld studs allows for high levels of corrosion resistance and exceptional strength in the stud. Additionally, stainless steel studs are essential to use when temperature extremes are a concern for the structural integrity of the weld as well as the stud.
There are different options in threaded studs, including studs that are fully threaded as well as those that are partially threaded to different specifications. These can be custom made to suit the needs of a given project, creating the perfect fastener option.

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