The Versatility of MV Series New International Trucks for Sale in Texas

Are you in the market for a medium-duty box truck for customer deliveries? Perhaps you need a strong and dependable dump or utility truck capable of handling your towing needs. When you look at the new International trucks for sale in Texas, ask to see the MV Series trucks. They have much to offer and here is more about them.

Maximize Uptime with Diamond Logic

Diamond Logic has a wide range of features, and many of them are customizable. It uses a single wire connection to connect all of the truck’s main components, and your drivers can access high-tech onboard diagnostics for instant analysis.

Only new International trucks for sale in Texas come with Diamond Logic. It features a number of valuable safety interlock features. The system can prevent the engine from starting when conditions are unsafe. You can control the headlight function too. However, what makes the system so unique, is you can choose almost two hundred features to fit your business and driving needs. For example, you may program flashing lights in a variety of ways.

In addition to the stock features, you can order many options for your new International truck. Do you want your drivers to have the convenience of keyless remote entry, so they never have to worry about lockouts? Perhaps you want the headlights to activate as soon as the windshield wipers come on, for maximum safety. You can also choose keyless ignition, parking brake alarm, anti-theft system, and many more features.


New International MV Series trucks for sale in Texas are perfect for many vocations. You can use them for ambulance service and fire departments. They also make exceptional plow trucks and mixers. Your International dealer is there to help you build your own special truck.

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