Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in PA Talks About Comp Claims Denials

Have you been injured at work and nothing has been done to compensate you? Have you been hassled and made to feel as if the accident or injury was your fault? If so, these are things that can be addressed and handled by a Worker’s compensation lawyer in PA.

Worker’s compensation insurance provides medical care and compensation to employees injured at work, with the understanding that the employee will relinquish his or her right to sue the employer for negligence or tort. Worker’s comp often poses the interests of the injured or sick employee against those of the employer. As such, the process of collecting on the claim can get a little controversial and may require the use of worker’s comp lawyers. An employer might dispute your worker’s comp claim because the payout of a claim could mean premiums will go up depending on the amount of claims the employer has already had to process. The severity of the injury for which you are filing the claim could also cause the premiums to increase.

Employers might deny your claims for reasons (in their eyes) such as you didn’t suffer a serious injury, your injury did not occur at work or during your employment with them, your injury or illness doesn’t require medical treatment, or you don’t require time away from work due to the injury. As callous as they may sound, these are the types of things you may face you when you need to get worker’s compensation.

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