Garage Door Repair and Garage Door Parts in St. Louis MO

Garage doors provide protection, privacy, and security for homes and businesses of all kinds. These doors come in a variety of types and styles to serve these purposes. Garage doors and Garage Door Parts in St. Louis, MO are used for all applications including residential, commercial, and industrial. The following will discuss the aspects of garage doors and repairs they sometimes require.

Commercial Doors

Steel doors are common for storage units and warehouses or factories. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and constructed of durable materials. These doors are mostly roll-up doors which may require replacement parts like springs, hinges, brackets, or rollers, and door openers to keep them in good working order. Punctured doors can also be repaired when you choose the right service provider. Full-view aluminum doors you find at automotive repair businesses may require repairs involving replacing the glass, handles, locks, door openers, hinges, brackets, and other hardware replacement. Other repairs for commercial garage doors include fixing a door that has gone off track and various malfunctions of these kinds of doors.

Residential Doors

Residential garage doors come in a variety of types, styles, and patterns. When used in residential applications, garage doors are as decorative as they are functional. The most common parts for residential doors include the hardware and openers used on these doors. Just like commercial doors, residential garage doors can go off track for a variety of reasons. The track may be compromised or the roller may jump the track for whatever reason. Broken tracks and other hardware related to the track can be repaired with the right parts according the type of door. If your garage door is cable-driven, the cable may break or come off the drum. Cables are parts that can be replaced to repair the problem. Extension and torsion springs that get broken, rusty, or otherwise compromised need to be replaced. Hinges are also pieces of hardware that can be compromised and need replacing.

The hardware of a garage door is a common replacement parts that can remedy problems with any kind of garage door. Garage Door Parts in St. Louis, MO include hinges, tracks, springs, windows, rollers, panels, handles, door openers, and brackets to name a few. Birdsong Company provides residential and commercial garage door repairs, replacement, and installation in the St. Louis area. They also provide services for warehouse doors and automatic gates.

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