Why Your Company should have Photo ID

When you own a company that provides a service such as repairs, trades or deliveries it is important you provide photo ID to all employees who will be visiting customers at their homes. You want customers to know that when a representative or serviceman schedules an appointment they will present photo ID so they feel safe allowing your representatives to enter their home.

Sales Representatives

Whether you have an insurance company, real estate brokerage or vacuum store, you want your customers to trust your company. By providing your staff with photo ID, business cards and an ID batch holder with lanyard with your company colors and logo they will be able to provide reassurance that they are with your business and can be trusted to enter a customer’s home.

Service Companies

When you provide installation or repair services your customers will also feel better if your servicemen are able to produce a color photo ID. An ID card holder lanyard allows servicemen to wear their ID in clear view for customers to see and makes it easier for them to carry it along wherever they go. Telling customers that your servicemen always have photo ID will also let them know to look for the ID when they schedule a service call.

Contractors and Tradespeople

If you are a contractor who works with many tradespeople it might not be a bad idea to have ID cards for your team. Home renovations can be very hectic and anyone watching a house under renovations can easily take advantage of a homeowner who is constantly letting strangers such as tradespeople into their home. It is a good selling point to let families know that you provide photo ID cards to all of your tradespeople when they are working a job for you. This will let customers know not to let anyone in the home who does not provide the proper ID. This is a good selling point to set you apart from other contractors.

For a truly professional image when working with the public providing photo ID with an ID card holder lanyard with your business logo will help you keep your customers safe and build trusting relationships.

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