The Duties of Funeral Directors in Bel Air

It’s a rare instance for everything to be in place when a person passes away. Some people do plan ahead, but the majority leave that bit of business to their survivors. The survivors are struck with grief, and final decisions on how to say goodbye may seem blurred. The whole situation is surreal, but it happens every day. During these times, a funeral director can be the best friend to shoulder through the details while the family grieves. If you’ve never had to plan a funeral before, then you probably don’t know what the duties of a funeral director include. The list is comprehensive, and requirements vary by state, but there are a few jobs in particular to highlight about funeral directors in Bel Air.

A funeral director handles the bulk of the arrangements. They are the ones who coordinate the transfer of the body to the funeral home and the grave site afterward. A funeral director will make sure the deceased is prepared in the manner the family wishes, and also by state law. They will also file for the death certificate and take care of any other paperwork that may come up. Beyond paperwork and arrangement, the director is there to support the people who are grieving. They act as a rock to the bereaved and will help them through the transitional period. Some directors run support groups or offer counseling even after the funeral.

All of this and more can be found at Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services. They are family owned and operated with generations of experienced Funeral Directors in Bel Air. Evans goes beyond making arrangements and is truly supportive to the grief stricken. Their website is a wonderful resource with many suggestions on how to talk about death with different members of the family, or how to help yourself heal from the loss. Pre-planning is also available for those who want everything to be wrapped up and ready to go when they do. Planning a funeral can be difficult, but with Evans all the bases will be covered so the survivors can remember and celebrate a life now lost.

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