Why You Should Visit The Dentist Regularly

by | May 30, 2012 | Health Care

You may know that regular visits to your dentist in Suffolk County can help you keep your teeth strong and healthy, but did you know that having healthy teeth can also help keep the rest of your body healthy? Regular dentist visits can help you prevent things such as gum disease as well. The follow are a few reasons why you should see your dentist in Suffolk County on a regular basis.

First, having your teeth examined and cleaned at least once a year can help not only your oral health, but your dentist in Suffolk County may be able to see signs of your body’s overall health. During your cleaning, your dentist will likely scrap your gums, take x-rays of your teeth and much more. While you are having a dental cleaning your dentist may be able to see signs of things such as, vitamin deficiencies, osteoporosis and possibly much more. So not only can a dental checkup keep your mouth healthy, it can also help keep your body healthy.

Secondly, having your teeth cleaned at least once a year can help ensure that your teeth are healthy and free of gingivitis and other types of diseases. At your check up your doctor will be able to examine the health of your overall mouth, including the gums. The cause of gum disease is un-removed tartar on the teeth from plaque buildup. One way to avoid plaque buildup is through regularly flossing and brushing your teeth. However, sometimes you may miss some plaque and this can cause it to turn into tartar. Once you have tartar it can usually only be removed by a dentist. When you have your teeth checked regularly your dentist can watch for any indication of tartar build up and remove it before it turns into gum disease.

Last, seeing a dentist in Suffolk County can help you save on having to pay for expensive dental care. When you see your doctor at least once a year he or she can help you prevent things like root canals. For example, if you have a cavity that goes untreated it may eventually turn into a tooth that needs a root canal. Having the cavity fixed early on would have saved you money instead of having to pay for a root canal.

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