Scrap Metal Pieces You May Never Have Thought About

Scrap metal recycling is big business in the Detroit area and throughout the U.S. Over 125 million tons of scrap metal is recycled in America each year and it includes ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Many people automatically think of large ticket items when it comes to scrap metal: autos, appliances, water heaters, etc. However, smaller scrap metal piecescan be recycled, as well, and are much more likely to be sitting around your home than an old auto is.

Because metal can be continuously recycled without losing strength, integrity, or durability, it is a perfect candidate for recycling. In addition, recycling keeps pieces of metal that cannot biodegrade out of the landfills. But, just what kinds of metal pieces can be recycled?

Aluminum & Steel
Aluminum and steel recycling is the most common form of metal recycling. Most of us know to recycle our aluminum and tin cans (which are not tin at all but a steel alloy). Aluminum and steel are accepted for curbside recycling and at regular community recycling centers. In fact, you can even recycle aluminum cans at many grocery stores and other businesses.

Copper is one of the most valuable metals that can be recycled. Copper can be found in pipes, electrical wires, building materials, and jewelry. If you take pieces of copper metal to the scrap yard, be prepared to explain how you came by it. Metal theft is on the rise in Detroit and other cities, and copper is a prime target. Thieves have even been known to steel copper wiring from air conditioning units of occupied buildings.

Lead is important to recycle for a number of reasons, one of the most important being that it should not ever be put into landfills since it will eventually leach its way into soil and water, harming the ecosystem, animals, and humans. Lead is available in some medical and lab equipment, but the most available sources for scrap metal pieces of lead are car batteries and building materials.

Many household pieces contain metal that can be recycled. Candlesticks, jewelry, even fasteners on garments are good sources for brass and nickel. Old rusted cast iron that can no longer be adequately seasoned is another household item that be hauled to the scrap yard.

Think beyond the pop cans when it comes to recycling metal. Almost everyone has scrap metal pieces in Detroit that will earn top dollar at the scrap yard. Take a look around your homeā€”if it contains metal and it is not being put to good use, take it to the scrap yard.

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